To become a better sports betting player, it’s essential to have reliable sources of information. Using mainstream media is the best way to get general sports news, game reports, and expert opinions. But there are also valuable bits of information you can get from social media. For example, sports forums can contain helpful and insightful information, but you must be careful not to overdose on information that’s not useful for making sound betting decisions.

There are a number of websites that provide detailed statistics about sports. For example, Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders are excellent places to learn about football statistics. For college football, try Erik Haslam and Ken Pomeroy. For baseball and hockey, you can try Natural Stat Trick.

Another good source of information is Sharp Sports Betting, a book that is considered the “bible” of sports betting. It’s a long read and contains a glossary. While it focuses on the NFL football market, you can still apply its principles to other sports betting markets.

Sports betting is an industry that is becoming more popular in the US. Although it was once restricted to Las Vegas, it has become legal in other cities, including Los Angeles. This trend has led to a multibillion dollar industry. As a result, millions of sports fans are now exploring the betting market for the first time. But you need to make sure that you’re familiar with the game and its rules before you start gambling with real money.