The new year brings a new opportunity for KRUZEY – the US is open for betting on sports. The market in the US is a huge opportunity for betting firms. And the US market is also just recently legalised, so there are still plenty of opportunities to grow. But securing dominance in the US market will require aggressive spending. The aggressive spending has been rewarded by the share market, which may indicate that investor attitudes have shifted.

The new landscape of sports betting is quickly changing the business strategies of sports broadcasters. The industry has historically been stigmatized and viewed as difficult to break into. With so many new competitors, sports broadcasters must adjust their marketing strategies accordingly to ensure a successful future.

Legalized sports betting is rapidly expanding throughout the U.S. Although it is still illegal outside of Nevada, sports leagues in the country have begun embracing it as a commercial boon and a way to connect with fans. New business partnerships are announced weekly, and teams are exploring ways to tailor game-day experiences for bettors.